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NEWS THIS WEEK: 26 January 2001
  • Er...um..er...not much progress this week either...work, Xmas, more work even more work: that's all I seem to be doing at the moment.
  • Finally got around to setting up my ICQ number (69909428), so if any of you feel the need to chat and ask me questions/give me suggestions for Inform Explorer, please do.
  • I hope to bring you a new version to try out soon...keep watching this space!

The competition has been announced...write an adventure game, from scratch, in just two days! You dust off your book of notes, made at odd times in your past, filled with ideas for that new text adventure that you keep promising yourself you're going to write...someday.
As you browse though the dusty tome, it dawns on you that the sheer number of objects required to breathe life into your brainchild appears insurmountable...But what luck! You remember that you once tried to forge these ideas into shape before and have a text file with most of the objects already coded...

Inform Explorer
An interactive game development system.
Copyright (c) 2000 by Paul de Valmency
Release 1 / Serial number 001124 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10

You have your source file open in Notepad. As you scroll through the file you find a vast plethora of objects, rooms, classes and grammar definitions, liberally sprinkled with global variables and attributes that have been dropped at random by careless wanderers before you (OK, they were all you, but you get the idea).
There is a newsgroup topic just visible underneath the Notepad window.

>click on topic
The newsgroup topic window jumps to the fore.

>read topic
The topic makes mention of a great new editor for Inform story files, which sounds as though it could help you make sense of all your messy code. It contains a link to a website

>click on link
Your web browser springs to life, connecting you in an instant (well this is fiction!), and proceeds to load...

Inform Explorer Home Page

You are looking at the home page for an Integrated Development Environment for the Inform adventure language. There are navigation buttons arranged down the left-hand side that take you to various parts of the site. Underneath the masthead is the contents of the page.

>read page

Welcome to the Inform Explorer home page.

From here you can check up on the progress of development of Inform Explorer, download the latest version, check on the list of bugs that have been fixed, and e-mail me with your problems, queries and (hopefully) praise!

For an overview of Inform Explorer's features (and some screen shots), click on the features button in the nav bar.


Thanks are due to the following people:

  • David Cornelson for providing the core of the InformExplorer DLL code.
  • Dennis Jerz for testing, reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.
  • Steve Rich for reporting bugs.
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